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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt ISO 18404 – Training Course

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt ISO 18404 – Training Course

The Lean Six Sigma Certification for Black Belt is an online training course, which meets the strict ISO 18404:2015 standard. You will learn the Six Sigma methodology and techniques to not only pass your exam but also be able to function within a Black Belt job role.

Covering the Green Belt principles and methodologies, you will learn the fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma, SPC Tools & Techniques, Improvement Mythologies, as well as Lean & Risk Management. You will then start learning the more advanced Black Belt principles and methodologies, such as the DMAIC methodology, Root Cause Analysis, Pareto Charts, Kano Analysis, and more.

This certification is globally recognised and is the only that meets the ISO 18404:2015 standard, backed by the Bureau Veritas and CEPAS.

This Lean Six Sigma package for Black Belt includes comprehensive training materials, exam, your certificate, and your registration onto the CEPAS international public register of Lean Six Sigma certified professionals.

What is the Lean Six Sigma Certification Black Belt Training Course?

Once you have completed your online Lean Six Sigma training, you will be able to:

  •    Utilise a wide array of analytical and graphical tools associated with Six Sigma at Black Belt level
  •    Correctly select, utilise, and interpret results from several core analytical tools
  •    Demonstrate a robust knowledge of the correct usage of objective data in improvement projects
  •    Begin to develop the competencies required by ISO 18404:2015 through knowledge and practice of a series of technical tools

What are the benefits of studying a Lean Six Sigma Certification?

The Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt methodologies will ensure you can help your organisation increase customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs, and improve productivity throughout the business. With a solid understanding of key Lean Sig Sigma techniques, you can make a noticeable difference in your project management team, by facilitating necessary changes throughout.

Lean principles will help you to maximise customer value, while reducing areas of waste in your processes. Six Sigma principles will help you reduce variation of your products and processes. By combining the two, you will help your organisation make improvements, such as greater business retention and reduced spending.

Being trained to the ISO 18404:2015 standard in Lean Six Sigma will show employers that you meet the highest standard in Lean Six Sigma. As a Black Belt you will take on support and leadership roles, supporting your team of Yellow and Green Belts in your organisation.

As this certificate is internationally recognised, you will be able to consider work opportunities around the world.

Is this Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training course right for me?

A Lean Six Sigma Certification for Black Belt training is suitable for delegates who have either undertaken their Yellow and Green Belt Certificates and are now looking to become certified as a Black Belt, or for those just starting out and looking to gain the knowledge and techniques required by a Black Belt.

This course would be suitable if you are a:

  •    Career Changer looking to move into a Project Team
  •    Process team member wanting a ISO 18404:2015 standard, internationally recognised Lean Six Sigma certificate
  •    Project team member wanting to upskill and learn process improvement skills
  •    Process Improvement Consultant requiring certification to support your abilities and skills
  •    Project Managers and Process Improvement team members looking for effective methods of improving operational efficiency, and raising standards


There are no prerequisites for this course except a willingness to participate and an open mind.

Career Opportunities with a Lean Six Sigma Certification

Job titles and salaries include: 

  •    Process Improvement Manager 
  •    Quality Manager 
  •    Continuous Improvement Manager 
  •    Six Sigma Black Belt Manager
  •    Quality Assurance (QA) Director 
  •    Operations Director 
  •    Lean Six Sigma Consultant 

Why study a Six Sigma certification with us

As a training company we have over 10 years’ experience and we have helped over 590,000 delegates with their training requirements. We have been able to make improvements as and where required, to ensure our course materials and trainers are best in class.

Other benefits of this course:

  •    We have the only Lean Six Sigma Certification that meets the global ISO 18404:2015 standard that is certified by an independent third party.
  •    Study via our online platform, enabling you to study whenever and wherever suits you best.
  •    6-months course access to your online materials.
  •    As a certified professional you will be published on the CEPAS public register.
  •    Support, mentor and manage Yellow and Green Belts.
  •    ISO 18404:2015 made both simple and affordable.
  •    Like for like price match guarantee.
  •    Interest-free payment plans available.
  •    Everything included in the price including examinations (Yellow, Green & Black) and certificates. 

Lean Six Sigma Syllabus & Exam Details


  • Module 1- The Black Belt Role  
  • Module 2- Organisational Planning
  • Module 3- Organisational Management
  • Module 4- Organisational Measures
  • Module 5- Organisational Change
  • Module 6- Organisational Deployment
  • Module 7- DMAIC for Black Belts

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Exam

Through the Black Belt exam, you will have your knowledge of this syllabus and key competencies tested and verified, as set out by the ISO 18404:2015.

Black Belt Exam format

  •    Online, proctored exam
  •    Multiple-choice
  •    60 questions
  •    Closed book
  •    A mixture of knowledge and insight questions and Lean Six Sigma statements
  •    90-minute duration
  •    75% pass mark

Please note there is an Annual Maintenance and Recertification cost, which varies by location and occurs every 5 years.

Course Code
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Google Chrome
Safari 6 or above
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