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ITIL® Foundation Level - Exam

ITIL® Foundation Level - Exam

Embark upon your learning journey through the ITIL® framework with completion of our fantastic Foundation Level exam, which will set you in good stead to continue on to intermediate, expert and even master level status.

Join the Pathway at Entry Level

Completion of the foundation exam is an ideal choice for students who have gained valuable knowledge from the Foundation Level course, and have built their ITIL® lifecycle know-how from the bottom up. Essential for all IT professionals who work within an organisation that uses ITIL®frameworks as part of their operational services, the Foundation Level exam would be the perfect option if you need to demonstrate your new-found understanding of the processes, principles and practices that can be found within the ITIL® work stream.

Prove your Knowledge of the Basic Elements of ITIL®

Once you have worked your way through the seven individual units that can be found within the ITIL® course, you will understand the links between the various lifecycle stages and their contribution to service management, and will be ready to sit this exam. Once you’ve passed it, not only will you have a general understanding of the ITIL® framework but you’ll be ready to continue on to the next stage – and intermediate level status.

Key Learning Points

Before sitting this exam, students need to have worked through the 9 hours’ worth of online learning resources that make up the accompanying foundation level course. This exam, which will take an hour to complete, and students will require a 65% passing mark for successful completion.

The foundation level exam is perfect for IT professionals of all levels, not just those in management and other senior positions. It is also suitable for anyone else who may have an interest in the subject and have the knowledge required to pass. If you’re hoping for IT practitioner status one day, sitting this exam is a great place to start!

Students will have already covered these basic concepts:

  • Learn how to assess the existing IT operations and management services, and gain insight into the various processes involved in making the transition to an ITIL®-based programme.
  • Get to grips with some of the key stages of the service management lifecycle.
  • Define a service strategy and learn how to design a service to support the strategy you have placed.
  • Identify some of the practices that can be put in place to prevent disruption during the transition between services.
  • Learn more about some of the operations that are used to maintain the service quality and to ensure demands are met.
  • Implement continual service improvement (CSI) to keep optimum satisfaction levels.

Advantages of this course

  • Take the exam online at a time that is convenient to you, whenever you are ready and have revised the relevant information gained from the Foundation Level course.
  • Results will be available immediately, so you can see whether you’ve passed straight away!
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the principles of ITIL and how they can be applied to their own operations. Expand your knowhow and give your CV a boost; impress your employers and improve your chances of a promotion!
  • Use the certification as a stepping stone for more advanced qualifications, including intermediate and expert levels.
  • Improve your job performance as well as the productivity of your business’ IT services.

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