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CompTIA Project+ Certificate

CompTIA Project+ Certificate

What is the CompTIA Project+ Online Course?

The CompTIA Project+ Certification training course will teach you how to confidently and successfully manage small and medium-sized projects by using the Project Management lifecycle model: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control and Closure.

Whether you decide to pursue a career as a Business Analyst or Project Manager, a CompTIA Project+ Certification will demonstrate that you have strong business acumen, communication skills as well as possess an understanding of how to deliver business and IT projects on time and within budget. 

By the end of this course, you’ll have built the knowledge and confidence in the following subject areas:

  •  Project Basics – Be able to summarise the properties of project, phases, schedules, roles and responsibilities. Understand cost controls and be able to identify the basic aspects of Agile methodology
  •  Project Constraints – Have the ability to predict the impact of different constraint variables and influences during a project. Explain the importance of risk strategies  
  •  Communication & Change Management – Understand the best communication methods and use change control processes within your Projects
  •  Project Tools & Documentation – Compare the different project management tools, and analyse partner-centric and project documentation  

Is the CompTIA Project+ training course for me?

CompTIA Project+ is a versatile qualification as it covers essential project management concepts that go beyond a single framework or methodology. If you’re already working within a project team and you’re looking to enhance your understanding of how to successfully manage small and less complex projects, then this course is perfect for you.   


There are no official prerequisites to enrol on the CompTIA Project+ Certification course however, we highly recommend that candidates first complete the CompTIA A+ training course in order to familiarise themselves with particular IT concepts that will be referred to throughout the Project+ course material. 

Where could this qualification take you next?

A CompTIA Project+ Certification will enable you to apply for job roles such as:

  •  Project Coordinator / Manager - £32k
  •  Project Team Member - £35k
  •  Business Analyst – £43k
  •  Team Leader, Manager, Director – £40k-£60k+

(Source: Glassdoor

Why choose to study with us?

By enrolling on this course with us, you’ll benefit from:

  •  Training sessions which are focused on you
  •  Recruitment insight to enhance your employability
  •  Having a CompTIA Authorised Training Partner
  •  Unlimited Tutor Support
  •  Flexible payment plans 

Course Syllabus

The CompTIA Project+ online course will take you through the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Initiating the Project

  •  Defining the Project
  •  Understanding Organizational Structures
  •  Validating the Project
  •  Understanding the Project Management Knowledge Areas
  •  Understanding the Role of the Project Manager
  •  Summary
  •  Exam Essentials

Chapter 2: Project Team Roles and Responsibilities

  •  Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities
  •  Receiving a Project Request
  •  Summary
  •  Exam Essentials

Chapter 3: Creating the Project Charter

  •  Project Process Groups
  •  Creating the Project Charter
  •  Holding the Kickoff Meeting
  •  Summary
  •  Exam Essentials

Chapter 4: Creating the Work Breakdown Structure

  •  Documenting the Scope Management Plan
  •  Writing the Scope Statement
  •  Constraints and Influences
  •  Documenting the Requirements
  •  Creating the Work Breakdown Structure
  •  Summary
  •  Exam Essentials

Chapter 5: Creating the Project Schedule

  •  Schedule Planning
  •  Defining Tasks
  •  Task Sequencing
  •  Assigning Resources
  •  Determining Task Durations
  •  Creating the Project Schedule
  •  Summary
  •  Exam Essentials

Chapter 6: Resource Planning and Management

  •  Determining Resource Needs
  •  Personnel Management
  •  Conflict Management
  •  Project Kickoff
  •  Summary
  •  Exam Essentials

Chapter 7: Defining the Project Budget and Risk Plans

  •  Estimating Costs
  •  Creating the Project Budget
  •  Expenditure Tracking and Reporting
  •  Risk Planning
  •  Summary
  •  Exam Essentials

Chapter 8: Communicating the Plan

  •  Communications Planning
  •  Methods of Communicating
  •  Managing Stakeholder Expectations and Communication Needs
  •  Factors That Influence Communications
  •  Communication Triggers
  •  Summary
  •  Exam Essentials

Chapter 9: Processing Change Requests and Procurement Documents

  •  Project Management Plan Review
  •  Implementing Change Control Systems
  •  Types of Organizational Change
  •  Procurement Planning
  •  Agile Project Management
  •  Summary
  •  Exam Essentials

Chapter 10: Project Tools and Documentation

  •  Project Management Tools
  •  Knowledge Management Tools
  •  Using Performance Measures
  •  Project Endings
  •  Steps in Closing Out a Project
  •  Summary
  •  Exam Essentials 

CompTIA PenTest+ Exam Details

Exam: Code PT0-001

The CompTIA Project+ exam tests your understanding of how to manage a project life cycle, the use of appropriate communication, how to manage your resources and stakeholders, and maintaining project documentation.

Exam Format - Multiple-choice.

Number of questions - Maximum of 95.

Duration - 90 minutes.

Pass Mark - 710/900 (79%).

Course Code
Online Course with Exam
Course Access
1 Year
Exams Included
1 gigahertz (GHz)
1 GB
Operating Systems
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Mac OS
Internet Explorer 8 or above
Google Chrome
Safari 6 or above
Mozilla Firefox
Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android



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