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DMI Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

DMI Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

As the commercial world has moved online, marketing professionals have had to adapt to stay competitive by gaining the expert skills needed to succeed in digital marketing. The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing has been created to provide an expert-led, cost effective training solution for individuals and businesses to learn about this fast-moving and important field.

What’s new?

The DMI currently offer the most relevant industry thinking available, by constantly updating their courses to meet industry changes.

New additions include: 

  •  8 New soft skills including “The Art of Persuasion”
  •  Improved UX and supporting content library
  •  Interactive practical exercises to test your new skills
  •  All the latest digital platforms covered, including Tik-Tok
  •  Added platform walkthroughs
  •  Additional B2B marketing content learning
  •  Included in your member subscription is all future upgrades of the course once you’ve passed
  •  Plus much, much more!

The latest update of the DMI syllabus makes the certification even more relevant and work-ready. The focus has now shifted more towards SEO, content, social media and website optimisation, rather than the more traditional marketing techniques. As the Digital Marketing landscape changes, it is important that courses are up to date, and nobody is closer to the forefront than the Digital Marketing Institute.

What Will I Learn?

The practical, easy-to-engage with modules will teach all you need to know to get started with key digital specialisms including mobile and social media marketing, email, Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). No previous experience in marketing is required to begin the course as it has been designed to benefit beginners, traditional marketing professionals and business owners alike.

Where Do I Study?

Whenever and wherever you want to! The flexibility of online training means that you are not required to attend a weekly class and you can progress at your own pace. You are even free to choose the time and place of your exam at the end of the course. This makes the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing an ideal course for people who need to fit their career development around their existing commitments.


Work through the modules to get to grips with the inspiring modern world of digital marketing.

  •  The clear introduction reveals how you can kick start your exciting career in the dynamic world of digital marketing.
  •  Explore the crucial area of PPC and how the concepts of digital marketing can be implemented to complement traditional marketing techniques. 
  •  Discover a wide range of SEO tools including onsite and off-site optimisation techniques, keyword research practices and link-building tactics.
  •  Learn how to design, create and implement successful email marketing campaigns by writing compelling copy, and using split test design templates and test campaigns to guarantee optimal open and click-through rates.
  •  Learn about creating and running effective display and video ads by gaining an understanding of the available ad formats, their relevance to specific target audiences and how to research, leverage, measure and optimise your campaign.
  •  Gain an understanding of the technical skills needed to build and maintain an effective mobile marketing strategy, including how to optimise your application for mobile devices to secure maximum engagement.
  •  Pinpoint the suitability of different platforms for social media marketing and learn how to effectively engage with and acquire customers across a wide range of platforms by developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy.
  •  Find out how to use analytics to effectively monitor and optimise your digital marketing strategy by developing an understanding of key analytics platforms and metrics.
  •  Discover how to adopt a structured approach to strategy and planning that incorporates all digital strands resulting in a comprehensive, coherent digital marketing plan.
  •  Explore how to set budgets, allocate resources and select appropriate channels.


  •  Customer support is available, should you run into problems.
  •  The Class Network’s online forums are a great way to contact fellow students to exchange ideas and build supportive bonds.
  •  Your digital marketing tutor is on hand to answer questions and guide you through your studies.
  •  With over 18,000 graduates in 80 countries, the Digital Marketing Institute has certified more students in digital education than any other certification body.
  •  The practical expertise of the expert instructors translates to 80% of course graduates working in digital marketing.
  •  The modules are constantly reviewed by industry experts to stay as up-to-date as possible.
  •  Use the digital world to become a digital marketing whizz by signing up to the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing today.
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